For Interior Designers

Dea Palm Beach: For Interior Desingers

Made in Italy, Dea products add style, taste and elegance to any décor. Dea Palm Beach proudly offers service and expert assistance to interior designers, and we’re ready to work with you and your design team to bring your vision to life. Just as we are committed to the creation of distinctive linens, bathroom accessories and more, we strive to offer you first-class service. Ready-made or creatively customized, we have what you’re looking for, regardless of the style of the project.

Luxury lives in the finer details.

  • Dea Palm Beach’s wide selection of elite linens are made in Italy by artisans committed to excellence.
  • Our exquisite style matches yours, from simple to elaborate and classic to contemporary.
  • We provide expert guidance to help you select exactly the products you desire.
  • We offer professional assistance with specifications, construction, customization and care requirements.
  • Sample the selections in our store and feel for yourself the luxury that Italy has to offer you.
  • Our professional customer service handles every detail, from order placement to tracking and on-time delivery.