Custom Services

Dea Palm Beach: Custom Services

Custom creativity is one of the many ways Dea Palm Beach sets itself apart from other fine linen stores. We are committed to working with our customers as well as their interior designers to create distinctive linens uniquely suited to their vision of the perfect home. We are always here, ready to help you bring made-in-Italy beauty and luxury to your bedroom, bathroom and more.

  • Monogramming, including duplicating family crests and monograms found on heirloom linens in an unlimited array of colors, is done by hand or hand-guided machine.
  • Creatively customized linens for any purpose, such as bed, bath or table linens for your yacht or aircraft, table linens for odd-shaped or large tables, specially sized bath towels for your bidet, sauna or pool, special embroideries to mimic the design of your fabrics, and so much more.